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Websites are a platform for many to make fame and fortune, thus, Dekko people are dedicated to contribute our creativeness in pursuit of these two reason.
1/ Make a difference
A Website Like No Other

We work hard to design and build a website as we believe a website opens many doors of opportunities for people. That is why we make sure it is unique so it will stuck in the minds of visitors like a stubborn stain (for good purposes, of course)


Crash Course On Website Building (Kind Of)

How Do We Build The Websites?

The Probing

We ask clients the nature of their website, what they want it to look like (leave it to us add extra effects!) and the main theme.

Then We Plan It

Once we the idea on what the website will be and look it, the time for doodling on sketch pads and team discussion. To decide on what and how widgets will look like, its positioning, how many banners to put, icons design and the website layout.

Work And Result

Once decided on everything, a mock site will be set up, we do the building for a website there. From inserting the icons and layouts, to scripting. After days and nights of building, a gem of a website is created, you'll be smiling when you see the result.

3/ Check out our KOOL project
Our creative babies~~

Unique designs for a unique website. Modern, contemporary, funny, quirky and corporate, you name it. We do all. Of course with little tinge and twist of fun from us in it.

4/ Check out our KOOL client
Our prestigious clients!

Big or small, we give each and every one of our clients the same commitment and qualities, regardless of the project magnitude.


You Thought It Up, We Build It.

Share your stories with the whole world.

Share you knowledge, desire, creativity, and passion by connecting with the world through your website

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6/ Need some help?
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