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Websites are a platform for many to make fame and fortune, thus, Dekko people are dedicated to contribute our creativeness in pursuit of these two reason.
1/ Make a difference
A Website Like No Other
We work hard to design and build a website as we believe a website opens many doors of opportunities for people. That is why we make sure it is unique so it will stuck in the minds of visitors like a stubborn stain (for good purposes, of course)
Doesn't matter what industry you are in, GLCs, SMEs, or startups, our websites will fit your branding, objective & direction perfectly so you can present your best self to the public.

What Websites do We Build?

What can we do for you?

Corporate & Busienss

Corporate & business sites are important to represent your company online. Your website determines the public's perception of your company identity. A great website can do wonders to your company image.


Almost everyone has shopped online before in this day & age. If you're looking to sell your products online, having a seamless shopping experience can make or break your ecommerce business.


Have an idea to start a directory website like iProperty, YellowPages, We have plenty of experience in building a directory or classifieds that caters to any industry.


Have a startup idea and want to change the world? We help you strategise, design & build any idea you can think of, with scalability & success in mind.

3/ Check out our KOOL project
Our creative babies~~

Unique designs for a unique website. Modern, contemporary, funny, quirky and corporate, you name it. We do all. Of course with little tinge and twist of fun from us in it.

4/ Check out our KOOL client
Our prestigious clients!

Big or small, we give each and every one of our clients the same commitment and qualities, regardless of the project magnitude.

5/ Need some help?
Fill the blank, and we contact you shortly.